Learn what resources are available to help plan for college by meeting with your guidance counselor. Visit and consult bhscollegecareer.net for timelines, resources, links and answers to questions related to the college & career planning process.

Begin your college search and if possible, plan and go on college visits.

Create a list of careers, colleges and universities in which you are interested. Explore different types of schools. Decide which characteristics are most important to you such as size of school, distance from home, majors and programming offered, and extracurricular activities. Do not research solely on the basis on perceived reputation or name. Use resources found on and Overgrad & My Career Shines. Discuss the list with your parents and counselor.

Begin researching the costs associated with attending the schools in which you are interested. Talk frankly about college costs as a family, and what is and isn’t possible. Visit the Net PriceĀ  Calculators for your desired schools at http://collegecost.ed.qov/netpricecenter.aspx to determine approximate out of pocket costs as well as the FAFSA4caster for aid eligibility https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/estimateĀ 

Continue your genuine involvement in extracurricular activities. Continue and deepen participation in enrichment programs, workshops. and/or research opportunities.

Update your list of important artifacts and descriptions of activities. Begin assembling a resume based on this information. Look ahead to the Coalition for Access (CAAS) application.

Consider the SAT and ACT, note differences. Plan to take Mock Examinations offered at Booker High. Determine a schedule for testing during Junior year and start preparing! If paying for the test is a financial hardship, ask your counselor about fee waivers. *

Prepare for the PSAT (October of your Sophomore year)

Sign up for challenging Junior year courses. This will be your first real opportunity to take multiple Advanced Placement courses. Do so with focus and desire.
Attend various Career and College Planning events. Some key dates for 2017-18 include: *

  • September 7th – Sarasota College Night, Robarts Arena
  • October 6th – Booker High College & Career Expo
  • Tampa NACAC College Fair – March 18, 2018

Be sure to visit our amazing College and Career Resource Room to obtain information about Jobs, Internships, Colleges, the Military and more.