With the assistance of your Guidance Counselor it is important to plan a challenging program of coursework (Four Year Plan). This is the single-most important factor in college admissions as it shows the goats you set for yourself. Are you signing up for pre-AICE, AICE, A. Honors or Dual Enrollment classes? Are you choosing electives that stretch your mind and help you develop new abilities? Colleges are more impressed with respectable grades in challenging courses than outstanding grades in easy courses

Colleges look for students who meet and exceed ihe requirements set out by their high school. High School graduation requirements include 26 total credits and at least 5 college preparatory  course per year, including:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Mathematics
  • 3-4 years of Foreign Language
  • 3-4 years of Science
  • 3-4 years of Social Sciences
  • 1 year of Fine Arts

Begin developing a portfolio utilizing Overgrad and My Career Shines. A portfolio is a collection of important documents and notes. This should include lists of awards and honors. a record of¬† school and community service, employment letters of recommendations, classroom products or projects or note, research, or any descriptions of what you have accomplished either at Booker High or in the community. These will be the basis of your personal resume and the substance of your college application. Please note: The newly launched Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success application which many of you will use in the future provides a repository for this information as well (called The “Locker”). The intention of the Locker will be to include such information in your college application, much like a portfolio.

Become active and stay involved in clubs, activities, and sports that you enjoy. It is very important to pursue activities outside of the classroom as colleges look for more than academics. While you may be tempted to be involved in a lot, it is better to be more deeply involved in fewer activities than lightly involved in many.

Get involved in academic enrichment programs, summer workshops, internships, research opportunities and/or programs with specialty focus such as music, the arts, or sciences. You should begin these activities NOW. Find something that you will continue. Look for opportunities that set you apart in some way and pursue them with intensity.

Visit and consult bhscollegecareer.net for timelines, resources, and answers to questions related to the college planning process. **

Make good grades -grades are important from the moment you enter high school.

Attend various Career and College Planning events. Some key dates for
2017-1 8 include:*

  • September 7th – Sarasota College Night, Robarts Arena
  • October 6th – Booker High College & Career Expo
  • Tampa NACAC College Fair – March 2018

Be sure to visit our amazing College and Career Resource Room to obtain information about Jobs, Internships, Colleges, the Military and more.