ATTENTION SENIORS:  The 2017-18 Common Application opens August 1st.  However, you may begin the application and it will be saved.  You may also begin writing your Personal Essay as the topics remain the same as last year.

Each year Booker High students apply to a variety of colleges.  If you are applying to a private college/university, (and increasingly many public universities as well), it is likely that you will be using an application system known as the Common Application or simply the “Common App.”  This electronic platform has been designed to combine questions from many college applications into one universal document that can be sent to any college that is a member of the Common Application.  Over 600 colleges/universities now use the Common App. The information requested on the Common App includes basic, identifying information like name, address, date of birth, test scores, grade point average, etc., as well as more subjective content such as essays, descriptions about clubs and activities, and the inclusion of recommendation letters.  In addition, each college may require a supplement with additional questions to which the Common App will alert you.

The Common App website requires you to register and choose a password.  Once you have completed most fields you will be instructed to sign the FERPA authorization and then “match”  your CommonApp and Naviance/Family Connection accounts.  This will allow Booker High to electronically send your transcripts, our school profile, counselor letters of recommendation, and teacher letters of recommendation to Common App colleges/universities.

The Common Application website offers detailed information about the various parts of the application, downloadable forms, answers to FAQs, and online demos.