The military trains young men and women so that they can protect the interests of our country.  In order to do this, the military offers qualified high school graduates a good salary and free job training.  The military also provides discipline and structure, as well as opportunities for career advancement and travel.  The United States military is the nation’s single largest employer.  It offers training and employment in over 2,000 job specialties, 75,000 of which have civilian counterparts.

The U.S. Military consists of five active-duty Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) and their respective Guard and Reserve units.  Together, they offer a broad variety of ways to serve.  College students who take ROTC will enter the military as officers, while academically gifted students will find excellent educational opportunities at the five military academies.  More information on the Army can be found at, information on the Navy can be found, information on the Air Force can be found at, information on the Marines can be found, and information on the Coast Guard can be found at